Fat Loss Plans

The “Metabolic MOT Diet”:


Sometimes, a body is “Fat Loss Resistant” – is not yet ready to begin letting go of extra weight. Sound familiar…? For people experiencing this, even the most effective diet and training plan in the world will not work. A little period of little bit of “Metabolic Repair” and “System Restore” is necessary. For those suffering the effects of a lifetime of over-dieting, use the Metabolic MOT Diet to learn how to reverse the Metabolic Damage you are suffering from, Turbo Charge your Metabolic Engine and BEGIN BURNING FAT!

The Metabolic MOT Diet results in safe, effective, easy and long lasting positive body re-composition, increased health/energy and improved mental health. The Metabolic MOT Diet is a varied and flexible System of Eating which literally removes the bodies ability to manufacture Bodyfat, whilst simultaneously preparing the body to facilitate efficient fat loss.

Includes full access to a database containing hundreds of suitable recipes for every meal of the day.

The “Magic Answer Diet”:

For Accelerated Fat Loss and the “next level” in lifestyle change. an 8 Week, 7 day, to-the-letter Meal Plan. Not for the faint-hearted.

Face it. Everyone is looking for the “Magic Answer”.

The holy grail of fast fat loss.

The ‘Miracle’ Diet.

The ‘Miracle’ Workout.

The Miracle Pill!!

Well, I hate to break this to you.

It doesn’t exist.

We are such amazingly complex and diverse animals, that anything claiming to be able to undermine all of the incredibly complex processes which occur in our body on a day to day basis, without us even knowing – is pure human egotistical fable ;)

The best thing you can do, is follow a plan of eating which combats hunger, prevents cravings, includes a few take aways AND melts fat from your body. Sound good?

Then, you want The Magic Answer Diet – My Most Popular and Effective Single Session Product.

What is The Magic Answer Diet?

You will not find a more healthy, sustainable, convenient, enjoyable and personally tailored Fat Loss eating plan.

Your Magic Answer Diet is designed specifically for you, according to your bio-signature modulation results, your current food diary and the answers you provide to an extremely extensive lifestyle questionnaire.

It will align with:

Your physical and health goals
Your metabolic type (according to the biosignature assessment)
Your work, home and family schedules
Your cooking skills
Your grocery budget
Your current or required training or exercise (It will COMPLIMENT your exercise, not work in opposition to it. We do NOT eat less at exercise more at NT!)

…and of course your food preferences! I do not want you to eat any food you do not like!

How much is it?

Both the Metabolic MOT Diet and The Magic Answer Diet plans are currently £80. But will be increasing very soon due to demand, and effectiveness. Each diet takes around 5 hours to design.  This service started life as a simple 7 day meal plan, and has evolved into a 30-40 page meal, workout and lifestyle modification prescription covering every single aspect of fitness, fat loss, detoxification and stress reduction. You receive ALL the information you need to completely change your body. FOREVER.

What do I get for that?

You receive ALL the information you need to completely change your body.

You will be required to complete a number of forms detailing your current diet and lifestyle. You will also be required to submit some photographs of yourself in order for me to successfully analyse your hormonal profile and bodyfat distribution.

You then receive your Nutritional prescription. This includes:

  • Your 7 day meal plan, designed specifically and intricately for you and you only, OR Details of The 7 Habit System of Eating plus access to the Recipe Database
  • Recommended lifestyle modifications, if any.
  • Feedback on your current workouts or training (if any) with either your current or my recommended bodyweight workouts factored into your weekly meal plan.
  • Music to accompany any prescribed home-workout metabolic training.
  • Information on detoxification, with strategies and recipes for improved fat loss
  • Information on stress, with strategies and recommended products for stress reduction
  • Recipes for all your fat loss meals
  • Information on easy food preparation
  • A list of “Free Foods” – snacks you can eat in unlimited quantities at any time – I do NOT want you hungry!!
  • Recipes for some delicious fat loss treat meals (like pizza? burgers? ice cream? They’re all in there.)

Then, after completion we can either slightly tweak your MAD, design a whole new MAD, or transfer you onto the 7 Habits Maintenance System.

How long do I do it for?

I recommend the Magic Answer Diet is followed TO THE LETTER for a mininum of four weeks, and a maximum of 6-8 depending on the person and their metabolism and goals.

Can Anyone Do The Magic Answer Diet?

In Short, No. There are some circumstances (such as metabolic damage or similar pre-diet conditions) that will benefit from a period of repair first of all. The Magic Answer Diet works VERY WELL for 95% of cases. However, if upon receiving your food diaries and questionnaires back there is evidence of metabolic issues or a very distinct lack of routine or you report to be unable to eat most of the recommended foods, then a more effective and flexible alternative will be prescribed. (Please see “The Metabolic MOT Diet” Below)

For a More Flexible, Varied Plan, focusing on Repair and Healing (whilst also resulting in Fat Loss! The Metabolic MOT Diet

A system of eating which is guaranteed to completely remove the bodies ability to manufacture bodyfat. With the focus being building up a positive nutritional bank account, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you are giving your body the exact fuels it requires, which takes care of the “weight loss” process effortlessly and permanently.

This is the perfect system to adopt post-Magic Answer Diet.

This system features:

  • The 7 Habits of Effortless Fat Loss
  • Educational Information and instruction on Metabolic Repair, Appetite Regulation, Stress Reduction, Metabolism etc…
  • A Dropbox Database containing HUNDREDs of meal recipes
  • and much more…

What do I need to do?

If you would like a Magic Answer or a Metabolic MOT Diet, please contact Jennifer on 07812 651 737 or jennifer@nutritiontransition.co.uk and begin the process.

Your forms will be sent to an email address of your choice, these forms can be completed on the computer, but if you wish to print them off, please supply the most appropriate email address. Forms will only be issued ONCE!

Upon receipt of your returned forms, your plan should be designed and delivered within 7-14 days, then YOU need to DO IT for an appropriate period of time to see the results :) you are encouraged to contact your coach throughout with any questions, concerns, issues or problems.

The Most Important Information you Need To Know:

Results on these diet plans are guaranteed! I have never had anyone who followed it correctly fail to lose at least 10lb in 4 weeks. More in 6-8 weeks.

Because this diet is SO personally tailored….IF it fails? I’m afraid the failure is in the execution, not in the prescription!

If you stick to it, you will lose between 10 and 20lbs in 4-8 weeks depending on how much you have to lose in the first place.

I could claim that the “easiest” way to lose weight is to order a Magic Answer Diet over any other generic diet plan, simply because I believe it to be THE most effective and more importantly individually tailored plan that you could ever follow and is not based on BS, calorie deprivation or celebrity endorsed media hype or sales lies, but that’s actually missing the most important point….

And that point is…you currently look and feel the way you do, because of your current behaviors, actions, meals and lifestyle.

What I’m saying is…


The Magic Answer Diet is likely to be VERY DIFFERENT to how you currently eat. That is the whole point!

It is NOT “easy”. But it DOES work!

You have a guaranteed blueprint and instruction manual for physical change and improved health. All you need to to, is buckle down and follow it.

There IS no Effortless “Magic Answer”.

But this IS the closest you will get.

Losing weight takes change, commitment, dedication, foresight to the end goal and not just the short goal, new habits, maybe some extra money spent, shopping for different things, maybe time put aside for extra exercise…

Until i can sell you the secret missing ingredients – “consistency” and “commitment” (which would likely make me millions if I could bottle it) i will only be able to give you the HOW…the DO it up to you.