About NT

There Is a Quote which sums up our Ethos in a nutshell:

“No Man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of the self. It is a shame for Man for grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” – Socrates

Your Body is the most complicated machine you will ever own!

If you spent thousands of your hard earned cash on a flash new sports car – you would make sure you put the correct high-performance fuel into it. Yet 95% of people give no thought whatsoever into the quality of their foods, yet exclaim in despair when their bodies fail to thrive.

It would be a shame to battle your body the entire time you own it.

Whatever your ideal image, finding the correct fuel for your machine will make life easier and far more enjoyable. You are Unique, and so your perfect diet depends upon many things! If you have followed mainstream nutritional guidelines for years and never felt great, then take the time to descover your own unique requirements and watch the pounds melt off, your energy level soar and all those minor ailments vanish!

And what if I told you this would more than likely be achieved by eating more food, possibly exercising less, eating more fat, forgetting calories even exist…and eating delicious foods such as chocolate cheesecake, chips and egg, roast dinners and banana bread! Many of my successful clients admit to feeling skeptical and scared upon first hearing that. But you can see for yourself by reading my Testimonials that it really is true.

Another motto of Nutrition Transition is:

“Education supports Compliance. Dictation encourages Defiance”

Most Slimming Groups, Healthcare Professionals, Magazines and even many Personal Trainers prefer to dictate to you; they tell you what to eat and which exercises to do. believe that if you are informed on the subject of nutrition and training, and the science behind the system, you are more motivated and more likely to choose to adhere to it.