About Jennifer

Personal Training
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Advanced Nutritional Analysis

Kinetic Chain Assessment L1
Biosignature Modulation
Psychology of Behavior Change
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Lifestyle Coaching
Spin Cycling
Circuit and Metabolic Training
Torso Training and Core Stability

Coaching. This is where my approach differs from that of other PT’s, I firmly believe that 99% of Personal Trainers only train you for 1-2 hours per week, limited by your budget. What about the other 166+ hours in the week?? What about your food? What about your mind? What about your stress levels and family responsibilities? All these factors impact your commitment to fitness. It is therefore vital, in my opinion, to Coach rather than Train a client.

I consider my best feature my genuine personality. I am honestly interested in people and their individual stories, and I usually have a huge smile on my face, especially when teaching classes! My mentor once said to me “You can learn fitness but you can’t learn personality or empathy – and you have both”. That made my day :-)

I have a real passion for helping real people achieve their physical potential. I love nothing more than meeting with potential new clients and listening to their needs. Each person has a unique story, their own set of circumstances, a schedule to consider and other commitments and responsibilities to factor into the solution to their problem.

I work with individuals on their own terms to really get down to the cause of issues halting their current progress. I prefer to work over a longer period with clients to really make sure new habits become a lifestyle for life.