Distance VIP Package

Sick of Trying Everything and Getting Nowhere?

Let me teach you how to become your own Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

A complete handheld lifestyle overhaul with 24/7 support from your trainer.

  • Weekly Educational Information Articles based upon scientific FACT presented in such a way that you can actually relate to it and interpret/apply the principles to your own body to get FANTASTIC, permanent results.
  • Weekly educational and motivational material to support your understanding and commitment to positive change
  • Telephone, Email, Text and Skype contact on a need-to-speak basis
  • Regular Progress Reassessments for accountability and programme modification
  • Access to VIP-only resources and social support
  • Specifically tailored Nutritional Prescription
  • Specifically tailored Exercise/Training programmes if necessary
  • Lifestyle Modification Advice if necessary
  • Access to an Extensive Recipe Database featuring delicious fat loss meals, treats and drinks
  • Tips and Strategies for success based on YOUR own life/requirements and schedules

…are just some of the benefits you will experience by choosing this option.

Distance VIP Transformation Month

£150 per month, for as long  Unlimited contact with your Coach for as little or as long as you wish to receive the weekly information and daily support and guidance.