PAYG Nutrition Coaching


Forget trying to exercise every day in an attempt to change your body.  …What about the remaining 161 hours in the week??

If you’ve not dialed into a fat loss diet, (a “healthy diet” just wont cut it!!) you will see minimal results no matter how much exercise you do.

Learn what, when, how and why to eat for real FAT loss, improved energy levels, better health, longer life, disease prevention, and watch the excess weight simply fall off you as a side effect.

Nutritional Coaching – The 7 Habits of Effortless Lifelong Leanness/ The Bio-Science of REAL Human Fat Loss


Your body is the most complicated piece of kit you will ever own. But it doesn’t come with an instruction manual! Get yours here.

Learn how to become your own personal trainer. 60 minute nutritional coaching sessions packed full of fitness and fat loss information relevant to your own personal transformation.

  • The 7 Habits of Effortless Lifelong Leanness is a system of eating which is guaranteed to completely remove the bodies ability to lay down fresh bodyfat. With the focus being building up a positive nutritional bank account, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you are giving your body the exact fuels it requires, which takes care of the “weight loss” process effortlessly and permanently.This is the perfect system to begin your lifelong transformation with, and also perfect to adopt post-Magic Answer Diet.

Learn about the real facts behind the things you put into your mouth, and how they impact the hormones that influence how your body looks. What really happens after you swallow your food – you will be amazed!!

Education leads to compliance. Once you understand what food is, and how to use it….you will be forever motivated to eat right.


  • Week 1 – Initial Set Up Session including the 7 Habits System/Physical Assessment Session
  • Week 2 – All About Protein: for Metabolism and Fat Loss
  • Week 3 – All About Carbohydrates: for Fuel and Fat Loss
  • Week 4 – All About Eating Food-Fat to Lose Body-Fat
  • Week 5 – The Importance of Metabolism and How to Improve Yours!
  • Week 6 – How to Lose Fat Using Resistance Exercise!
  • Week 7 – How to Avoid Long Boring Cardio Sessions…and STILL Lose Fat!
  • Week 8 – Alcohol and Fat Loss
  • Week 9 – Eating Out, Eating In, Cooking Ideas, Preparation and Shopping
  • Week 10 – Stress Less, Rest, Eat and Sleep for Effortless Fat Loss
  • Week 11 – Meal Manipulation (How to Design your own Magic Answer Diet, Meal Frequency, Macronutrients, Energy Density and Macro Timing)
  • Week 12 – Motivation, Compliance and Positive Lifelong Habit Change for Lifelong Leanness

It can take years to “learn the fit-life ropes” but a little help from someone who has travelled that road before can make all the difference.

Want to be healthier but clueless how to actually put it into practice? Ask for:

  • Grocery Shopping Lessons
  • Kitchen Clear-out Sessions
  • Bulk-Cookery Lessons
  • Safe Exercise Technique Sessions