PAYG Personal Training


Effective Exercise, not Endless Exercise!


Each of us started life with the potential for a lean, fit, strong, healthy human body.

If  you no longer feel as though you look like you could, you simply need to rewind your body and re-connect with that naturally-lean DNA to reach your natural potential.

This involves exercising smarter, not just “more”!

Many people believe that in order to change their bodies they must commit to an expensive gym membership, and check-in for the obligatory 5-7 hours per week pounding The Human Hamster Wheel (the treadmill).

Whether you love the gym, or HATE it….moving your body correctly under intense conditions is the key to restoring your bodies natural functioning so that it is able to shed bodyfat quickly and permanently.

Loving exercise doesn’t always come naturally. If you’re forcing yourself into fitness for the good of your waistline – Personal Training can help you find the fun.

However if you’ve always been sporty and simply need some new workout inspiration – Personal Training can guide you through something new.

PT might seem like an extravagance, but in reality having a trainer is more commonplace than you might assume. It is simply vital that your exercise selection is safe and effetive and that you are supported! Results come when you are challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone in order to get results! It is against basic human nature to apply the necessary amount of intensity to one’s-self. This is why nobody else ever changes. 

Example Sessions Available:

  •  Home-Workout Metabolic Cardio Training Session – learn how to ramp up your metabolism and melt fat on a daily basis in 5 minutes or less, using simply your bodyweight.
  • Compound Lift Technique Training Session – learn how to perform the major exercises that will CHANGE your body. Learn how to Squat, Deadlift, Pull-up, Press-Up, Lunge, Row and Clean/Press to see your body morph before your very eyes into the lean, toned reflection you’ve been chasing. LADIES, you need this :)
  • Fat Loss Weight-Lifting. Hate Cardio? So you should!! 😉 Lifting weights is a much more effective way to reduce bodyfat and increase tone. Learn the “Fifteen Minute Fat Loss” Barbell Routine and show that body who is boss!
  • One-Off Workout for a bodypart/goal of your choice – struggling with one particular area? Come and find out how to take your training to the next level.

Programme Design:

Training Prescription (6-12 Week Training Plans)

There is a world of difference between people who just go to the gym to “Work Out” and those who actually TRAIN.

EVERYBODY who attends the gym, has access to the exact same tools as everyone else. So how come there is only ever one or two people who actually ever looks like they train?

Because most people who just go to the gym have no clear objectives; they’re merely exercise/move/work out every day hoping results will come their way. They turn up at the gym without a set program and they’re often seen doing the same workouts year in year out.  Unfortunately, the chances are, when they leave the gym they will not have initiated enough intensity to really change their bodies.

They are missing out on the entire point of “Training” (by very definition this means participating in an activity with the objective of improving on prior performance) is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD! Forcing your body to experience ever increasing intensity, in order to stimulate adaptation. (Adaptation, by the way, is the change in the reflection you see in the mirror)

Prevent this from happening to you. Get a Training programme designed to suit your current exercise schedule, experience level and to move you towards your physical or performance goals.

During your optional gym based PT session(s), each exercise on your new routine will be explained and demonstrated to ensure your exercises are performed in such a way that stimulates positive progress!  You will then be encouraged to develop your own ability whilst you train alone by having some achievable goals set for you to aim for along the way.  PT Sessions benefit you because you will receive:

  • Coaching of both your compound and isolated movement patterns to ensure safe and effective training takes place. Even if you are a seasoned gym goer, if you have been failing to see results, your form or technique could be ineffective. If you are brand new to training, there is no way you can perform an exercise well from reading instructions from a paper based instruction sheet.
  • Demonstration of correct intensity – weight selection, range of motion and speed of movement are critical to achieving a positive stimulus to the body. Manipulating, not simply completing your reps makes the difference between an effective set or a waste of time.
  • Failing to exploit or even create a mind/muscle connection in the first place, is a major reason why people are a) not witnessing muscular gains from their lifts and are b) getting injured. Avoid this by learning how to correctly isolate and activate your target bodyparts and muscular contractions.


This option is ONLY available if you have had at least ONE physical PT session with me beforehand. So that you know HOW to execute the movements.  But for best results, you need one PT session to demonstrate each of the workouts contained within your training plan. (This could be one, two, three, four or five seperate workouts which all need properly demonstrating.)